Former Deputy Head of MIA interior troops Varchuk arrested on $172 thousand payoff

Former Deputy Head of MIA interior troops Varchuk arrested on $172 thousand payoff
Vyacheslav Varchuk

Earlier in the framework of the criminal case the subordinate of Vyacheslav Varchuk - Deputy Head of the financial department of the MIA internal troops - Colonel Alexander Kostin was arrested.

Vyacheslav Varchuk, the former Deputy Commander-in-chief of the Interior Troops of the MIA (now Rosgvardia), was arrested on suspicion of bribe-taking. The court decided to put the lieutenant-general in the pre-trial detention centre. The law enforcement agencies do not comment officially on the arrest of the high-ranking officer.

Advisor to the director of Rosgvardia Alexander Khinshtein only confirmed the fact of the arrest of the committee former Deputy Head.

"This is a consistent joint work to bring order to the department. This also applies to former leaders, those who have not moved into a new department", - he told TASS.

Meanwhile, Life citing sources reports that Vyacheslav Varchuk was detained in the criminal case on a payoff of 10 million rubles ($172 thousand) for assistance in raising funding for one of the department's subdivisions. Earlier it was reported that the defendant in the case was arrested deputy chief of the financial department of the MIA internal troops Colonel Alexander Kostin. According to the case files, since the end of 2015 Colonel Kostin has negotiated the possibility of allocating funds to the administration with Alexander Gostev, whose title and position are not specified. For a bribe of 10 million rubles ($172 thousand) the suspect promised his colleagues to get another 250 million rubles ($4 mln) on top of the funds already received from the budget. Investigators of the 51st Military Investigation Department believe that Gostev being a witness in the case passed the bribe to Kostin in parts since December 2015 to February 2016. According to Life, the colonel gave the money received to his superiors, in particular to Varchuk. Available information features that it was Alexander Gostev who told the FSB about the criminal scheme, he finally did not receive additional funding for his department. It should be noted that the investigation does not exclude that the accused could act as a member of a group of persons which has not been established yet.

It is worth mentioning that in 2013 Varchuk was listed in Forbes rating of "Russia's 20 richest law enforcement officials". Occupying the post of deputy commander-in-chief of the MIA internal troops on financial and economic work and head of the financial department of the Main Command of the MIA internal troops , Lieutenant-General earned 4.815 million rubles ($82 thousand) in 2012. His wife enjoyed the income of 38.902 million rubles ($669 thousand), the sources of which remain unknown. Then it became known that the general owns a 3-room apartment and a Lexus 570 car, and his wife - a countryside house, land and 2009 Land Rover Discovery. In 2015 Varchuk's personal income doubled. In the declaration he specified the sum of 9.1 million rubles ($156 thousand).



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