Former Deputy Head of FSB capital construction department arrested for bribes

Former Deputy Head of FSB capital construction department arrested for bribes
Photo: Kommersant

The testimony was given by those arrested for the theft of 400 million rubles from the department.

The former Deputy Head of the capital construction department of the FSB, Colonel Anatoly Naumov, has been arrested on charges of taking bribes on a large scale, Kommersant reports citing sources close to the investigation.

According to investigators, Naumov received more than 7 million rubles from the former leaders of the construction company Invest-Viktoria Management Company Mikhail Lyagin and Andrey Simonov for general patronage. Lyagin and Simonov’s company was supposed to build houses for FSB officers in Sochi. Both businessmen got a 4-year colony for theft of 400 million rubles allocated for the construction of these houses.

According to investigators, Naumov supported developers to avoid inspections.

It is reported that Lyagin and Naumov gave testimony against Naumov, already serving their time. The testimony of the developers was confirmed by the third person involved in the case - former director of the FSUE Caucasian Military and Construction Department Sergey Svertokin, who concluded contracts with Invest-Viktoria for the construction of houses. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison for abuse of official powers with serious consequences.

According to the newspaper, Naumov was detained and arrested by the 235th Garrison Military Court at the request of the Main Military Investigation Department of the ICR. Publications sources in law enforcement agencies note that some former and current employees of the FSB of Russia are checked for their involvement in bribery.



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