Footage of Cherkalin’s apartment being searched gets published 

Footage of Cherkalin’s apartment being searched gets published

The arrested FSB colonels had 12 billion rubles ($185mn).

The video of FSB Colonel Kirill Cherkalin’s apartment being searched has been posted. His dwelling resembles a cash vault. The premises are filled with bags, suitcases, and bags stuffed with cash. The total amount discovered is 12 billion rubles. These funds, in addition to bills, were also stored in securities, jewelry, and collections of luxury watches. As reported by the ICR, not only Cherkalin’s money was stored here, but also that of his accomplices.

“The silovik spent part of the funds to buy containers for money,” the TV channel 360 reports. “At the same time, he transferred some of the funds he received to foreign currency.

To recall, according to the investigation, Cherkalin and his subordinates would sell insider and proprietary information obtained from the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, as well as on major exchanges and banks.

Video: 12 billion rubles seized from FSB colonel during searches



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