Five former Traffic Police officers imprisoned for bribery

Five former Traffic Police officers imprisoned for bribery

The police replaced the results of alcohol testers and demanded money from the drivers.

A court in Kislovodsk sentenced five former Traffic Police officers, defendants in a case of accepting bribes initiated on the basis of FSB materials in the Stavropol Territory. As established by the investigation and the court, the ex-policemen substituted the results of alcohol tests and suggested that drivers pay bribes. The size of bribes varied from 30 to 50 thousand rubles, Svoye-TV reports.

Ex-officers appeared in court on February 12. They got different sentences - from six to eight years in a strict regime colony and fines from 200 to 700 thousand rubles. In total, two major, two captains and two senior lieutenants were defendants in the case. The sixth defendant was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in 2015. Also, the court ordered the bribe taker to pay a fine of 760 thousand rubles.



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