Figurants of Renova case could give bribes disguised as charity

Figurants of Renova case could give bribes disguised as charity
Viktor Vekselberg

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation examines the charitable activity of top managers of Vekselberg’s companies.

Officers of the ICR believe that businessmen, who worked in the structures of the oligarch Vekselberg, paid bribes to former officials of the Republic of Komi disguised as of charity.

The object of the investigation became an examination of the energy company’s sponsorship of sports clubs and schools in the region. Law enforcers suspect that in such way businessmen performed bribery of officials of the Republic. One of the best examples of senior managers Vekselberg’s charity became the financing of children's basketball league KES-Basket. As representatives of the T plus reported, at the moment in the league championship compete representatives from more than 62 regions across the country, and the total number of participants exceeds 220 000 Russian schoolchildren. Earlier, it was reported that the police was sent to the T Plus request for information on the activities of the Perm branch of the company.

Recall that at this moment under suspicion of bribery of officials in the region there are the co-owner of Renova Evgeny Olkhovik, the CEO of T Plus Boris Vainzikher and already the former Head of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin. Olkhovik and Vainzikher were arrested on September 5 after the searches in the Moscow office of Renova; Slobodin is still abroad on an official journey, but he promised to return later in the week, and to be in the ICR to testify. As investigators believe, bribes were paid to first persons of the region for the creation of favorable conditions for business.

One of the main ways of transmission the gratitude has been the transfer of money to the accounts of mentioned by officials companies. In addition, according to the investigation, 38% of shares of Komi Energy Retail Company were transferred to the ownership of an offshore company, owned by heads of the republic.

According to investigators, during the operation of business by Olkhovik and Vainzikher, accounts of former heads of companies in the region received about 177 million and 89 million rubles respectively. The total amount of bribes estimated at 800 million rubles.



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