Figurant of Shakro Molodoy's bribery case released

Figurant of Shakro Molodoy's bribery case released
Subordinate Alexander Lamonov is placed under house arrest

The lawyers of ex-investigator Denis Bogorodetsky insisted on placing his client under house arrest, since he needed treatment.⁠

Arrested a little less than a month ago former employee of the ICR Bureau of Internal Affairs Denis Bogorodetsky, suspected of mediation in the Shakro Molodoy's bribe to officers of the Investigative Committee (ICR), was released under house arrest.

"By a judgment of August 14, the measure of restraint in the form of arrest was changed to house arrest for a period of one month and three days, and all, taking into account the period of arrest, up to one month and 29 days, that is, until September 17, 2017," press-secretary of the court Ekaterina Krasnova informed.

Recall that the lawyers of the ICR ex-employee insisted on placing their client under house arrest. The protection argued this by the fact that Bogorodetsky suffers from multiple sclerosis and he needs medical help.

It is interesting that at the hearing of the court in early July this year, where the measure of restraint was chosen, the person involved in the case appeared along with his attending physician. The doctor assured the investigation and the court that the ex-employee of the ICR Bureau of Internal Affairs (BIA) could not be placed in the pre-trial detention center as he undergoes an "experimental treatment", which is dangerous to interrupt. However, the investigator noted that the disease does not prevent Bogorodetsky from violating the regime at large - he smokes, drinks coffee and drives around in a car. Then the court, having taken the position of the investigation, decided to conclude the suspect in custody. What made the Lefortovsky Court to change its decision is not specified.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, Denis Bogorodetsky is suspected of  Mediation in Bribery (part 5 of Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, it was Bogorodetsky who transmitted proposals for bribes to head of the ICR BIA Alexander Lamonov. According to the testimony of the ICR BIA ex-employee, after the arrest of improvised of kingpin Zakhar Kalashov Andrey Kochuykov (Italian), his old friend on the service in the police, former Colonel Evgeny Surzhikov, who led the controlled by Shakro Molodoy private security company, asked for help. Surzhikov offered Bogorodetsky find contacts in the leadership of the ICR for mitigating charges of Italian and the release from custody promising €500 thousand. Suspected of mediation turned to his immediate superior Lamonov, however, according to Bogorodetsky, he gave up on, advising "not to steer clear from thieves." Negotiations ended, Bogorodetsky claimed during interrogations in the FSB, but the investigation finds otherwise.



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