Figurant of Gaizer’s case Romadanov admitted guilt

Figurant of Gaizer’s case Romadanov admitted guilt
Vyacheslav Gaizer

Romadanov has already given a testimony.

The former Deputy Prime Minister in the Republic of Komi Konstantin Romadanov was pleaded guilty in Gaizer’s case and has already given a confession, according to a source of the edition TASS.

The situation is commented by the lawyer of the former Head of the Republic Vyacheslav Leontiev. According to him, the investigation stopped the persecution of the former Head of Komi under Swindling, despite the confessions of the lawyer Natalya Motorina and Konstantin Romadanov.

Earlier it was reported that the former Head of the Komi insists on consideration of his case by a jury.

Vyacheslav Gaizer was arrested on September 20, 2015. He is accused of committing acts referred to four articles of the Criminal Code: the organization of and participation in a criminal organization, swindling, legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired through the commitment of crimes on a large scale by an organized group and bribe-taking. The total damage from activities of the proposed OCG is 1 billion rubles.



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