Fictional person becomes owner Moscow vice-mayor’s dacha

Fictional person becomes owner Moscow vice-mayor’s dacha
Alexander Gorbenko

In the entry, Rosreestr changed the name, but not the date of acquisition of the property.

Rosreestr renamed Moscow Deputy Mayor Alexander Gorbenko to an “Ivan Fedorov” in the entry on the owner of the 500-million-ruble dacha in the Moscow region. At the same time, the day of acquisition of the property remained the same, as did Fedorov’s co-habitants — Gorbenko’s wife and son. The Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) reported that.

“In total, we found nine houses built for various purposes, two ponds, three sports grounds and playgrounds, five statues and a dachshund bench on 20 thousand square meters of Gorbenko’s dacha. We estimate all those things at 500 million rubles,” says FBK founder Alexey Navalny.

FBK addressed Gorbenko’s dacha in the village of Bityagovo, Domodedovo district, back in 2013, but since then, new items have appeared on the territory, including an undeclared 400-meter house and a large pool with an artificial waterfall.

Gorbenko is the Moscow vice-mayor for regional security and information policy. According to Navalny, it is Gorbenko who decides how many people should be arrested at another rally and how rude the police should be with the detainees.

A week earlier, The CrimeRussia wrote about a similar case where real estate owners were renamed: a family of Sergeyev-Gradsky became the owners of the apartment of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, the days of receipt and loss of ownership rights of the apartment are the same for the two families.



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