Federation Council proposes amendments to infamous bill "On Far Eastern Hectare"

Federation Council proposes amendments to infamous bill "On Far Eastern Hectare"
According to a new version of the bill, regional authorities can exclude territories from the future law’s area of influence

The Federation Council has adopted new amendments to the so-called bill "On the Far Eastern Hectare." These changes allow regional leaders to exclude certain areas from the territory of the Far East, which the Russians can get for free.

According to the Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East Kirill Stepanov, senators worked with the bill alongside Ministry of Development of the Russian Far East. Stepanov also noted that the entire document is finished, and now it is necessary to agree on the amendments with the relevant public authorities, so as to then adopt it as the law during the autumn session of the State Duma.

The idea is that the territories subject to exceptions should be amended by the heads of regions and then approved by the ministry. After this, the regional legislative body would vote on the issue.

The second set of amendments concerns the improvement of the prohibitions and restrictions on the transfer of land ownership to foreign citizens. There are certain limitations for foreigners, who want to inherit the "Far Eastern Hectares." The plot of land can also be taken back by the government, if a foreign national loses his or her Russian citizenship.

Stepanov claims that the new amendments "will remove a number of existing contradictions and increase the level of responsibility of regional public authorities."

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) experts have suspected that the law "On Far Eastern Hectare" may be another source of corruption. The activists argue that certain people will use this law to appropriate plots of land in Russia’s unique Far East Region. Residents of the region have also expressed serious concerns that the law will be implemented as a new corrupt scheme, which will help rob them of their land.



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