Federal Transport Watchdog employees detained for taking bribes 

Federal Transport Watchdog employees detained for taking bribes

The four defendants have already been charged.

Employees of the Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption for the Moscow region with the support of OMON detained Rostransnadzor employees and representatives of transport companies on suspicion of bribery.

In the framework of operational measures, 22 searches were carried out, 18 of which took place in the houses of persons involved in the case, in the offices of officials and commercial organizations. As a result of the searches, the police found and seized money in the amount of more than 2 million rubles ($32.350). Documents confirming the unlawful activities of the accused were also found.

More than 10 witnesses have been questioned and 5 people have been detained, the investigating authorities opened criminal cases against 4 defendants. One person involved in the case is charged with Bribe-Taking (part 5 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code), the remaining three are charged with Bribe-Giving (part 3 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code).

The investigation found that employees of Rostransnadzor received bribes from companies performing commercial and passenger cargo transportation during the period from summer to winter of 2017. According to Tatyana Petrova, head of the press service of the MIA for the Moscow region, the companies paid officials from 15.000 to 100.000 rubles. For this, officials have turned a blind eye to violations in the drafting of administrative protocols. In addition, the staff of Rostransnadzor warned them about inspections on the roads and allowed them a passage to the service area.

Police officers are currently carrying out operational measures to detain the remaining members of the organized group, as well as to identify other episodes of unlawful activities.



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