FCS is searched again

FCS is searched again

In the FCS’s building FSB officers are working. There are possible arrests.

The central office of the Federal Customs Service is searched by the FSB. At the moment three men from FCS's senior ranks have resigned. According to Novaya Gazeta, it is likely that some senior officials of the customs service will be delayed as a result of the security forces examination.

On Tuesday the FSB officers jointly with ICR investigators has already come to the customs service. They carried out a search and seized documents from Belyaninov's office and his two deputies - Andrey Strukov and Ruslan Davydov.

A search was made in the house of the FCS's Head. In the course of examination it was found about 10 million rubles, 400 thousand dollars and 350 thousand euros in cash. Their origin remains to be cleared up.

Examinations are performed in the framework of case of Smuggling of alcoholic beverages, imported through the port in the Leningrad region. Andrey Belyaninov himself was questioned as a witness.

On the eve Belyaninov lost his post because of the President Vladimir Putin's decree. However, the Kremlin has not ruled out that the former customs officer may find a new place in government entities. This was stated by presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov:

"It is still unknown, I can not tell you, but at least nothing can interfere it. But I do not know of any upcoming appointments, and so forth, "- he said at a briefing.

The new Head of the Federal Customs Service became a former Presidential Envoy in the Northwestern Federal District Vladimir Bulavin.



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