FBK revealed United Russia Moscow secretary owns 4 Austrian hotels and real estate worth $90.6 million  

FBK revealed United Russia Moscow secretary owns 4 Austrian hotels and real estate worth $90.6 million
Andrey Metelsky

Andrei Metelsky assures he "has nothing to do with real estate." According to him, it was bought by his mother "legally and with legal money."

Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) found out that Andrey Metelsky, secretary of the Moscow branch of United Russia, owns estate in Moscow worth 5.7 billion rubles ($90.6 m), four hotels in Austria and several companies.

According to the fund, the mother of Metelsky, Eldibitta, owns a mansion on Chistye Prudy and a “huge penthouse” with an area of ​​600 square meters. The Metelsky family also has an apartment not far from the Patriarch's Ponds, two summer cottages on the Rublevskoye highway and other real estate.


Andrey Metelsky with mother

The Manor company, registered with Eldibitta Metelskaya, is building a hotel and a complex of residential apartments with an area of 14.5 thousand square meters next to Paveletsky railway station. The authors of the investigation note that this company received 1.4 billion rubles ($22.2 m) in loans and private investment for construction, but later the money was transferred to personal accounts of Metelskaya and her son. Eventually, most of the amount was allegedly funneled offshore.

Four hotels in Austria with a total value of about 40 million euros are also registered with the mother of the main United Russia deputy in Moscow. According to FBK, Andrey Metelsky siphoned off at least 12 million euros from Russia to Austria.

Navalny notes that all hotels are registered with several companies that are loss-making and regularly take loans in the Austrian branch of VTB Bank. These companies are registered with the son of United Russia deputy Andrei Metelsky Jr. (49% of shares), deputy's friend Pyotr Ivanovsky (31%) and an Austrian manager (20%).


Pyotr Ivanovsky

In a conversation with the radio Ekho Moskvy, Metelsky himself said that he had nothing to do with real estate. According to him, his mother bought the objects "legally and with legal money."



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