FBK: Moscow City Duma vice-speaker owns business illegally

FBK: Moscow City Duma vice-speaker owns business illegally
Andrey Metelsky

When speaking in court, a motor dealer employee referred to the Moscow leader of United Russia as the company head.

Andrey Metelsky, the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Duma, the Moscow head of United Russia, may be the leader of the Yamaha Alpin motorcycle dealer through front persons. During the trial of the company’s ex-director, its employee from the HR department named Goryunova said that after Alpin was sold, Metelsky was introduced to the team as a new leader. The Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) reports the news.

According to Goryunova, Metelsky gave binding orders. Another company employee named Khrushch claims that Metelsky’s car “would come every morning as if he worked there, at Alpin, and stayed there for hours.” The deputy admitted that he had indeed appeared in the office often, but for another reason, allegedly for negotiations with the leaders on the opening of a children's motorsport school on the basis of Alpin.

According to Spark-Interfax, the company is registered in the name of Metelsky’s adviser in the Moscow City Duma, Pyotr Ivanovsky. FBK also found him among the owners of four hotels in Austria, which were also linked with Metelsky.



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