FAS suspects firm of Glatskikh family in cartel collusion

FAS suspects firm of Glatskikh family in cartel collusion
Olga Glatskikh

Bogus competitors helped Remstroygaz to get government contracts worth $ 460,000.

The FAS Directorate in Sverdlovsk initiated a cartel collusion case against the company Remstroygaz, owned by the family of former official Olga Glatskikh, and its allegedly fictitious competitors - Stroinvestgarant LLC and Device LLC. According to circumstantial evidence, the Glatskikhs’ firm illegally obtained contracts worth 30.5 million rubles ($ 460,000), Rosbalt reports, referring to the Yabloko party.

“It is difficult to prove collusion without direct evidence. In this case, we had only indirect evidence, and the FAS confirmed them,” the director of the Center for Anti-Corruption Policy of the Yabloko party, Alexey Karnaukhov, said.

According to Karnaukhov, Stroinvestgarant LLC and Device LLC have the same telephone number, and when participating in competitions with Remstroygaz, they applied almost simultaneously, after which reduced the price only by 0.5-1%.



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