Fanil Sabirianov's solvers traded positions in Fishery Agency for $ 7 million

Fanil Sabirianov's solvers traded positions in Fishery Agency for $ 7 million
Fanil Sabirianov

Among other defendants in the case are a crisis expert with ties in the federal agency and a US citizen. The potential buyer turned to the Federal Security Service by his own wish.

FSB officers uncovered a group of fraudsters who traded high positions in government agencies. These problem solvers offered a senior position at the Federal Agency for Fishery in exchange for money reward. The leader of the gang was the former Deputy Head of the Bashkir city of Tuymazy, known for his connections with the criminal world. The former official Fanil Sabirianov organized this attempted fraud. According to the FSB and the ICR, in the early 2000s, Sabirianov was implicated in financial mismanagement, and his activities were investigated by the Audit Chamber of Bashkortostan. In 2004, the Deputy Head of the Tuymazy administration was fired due to loss of confidence, and in 2005, a resounding attack on his life was made. After receiving 12 gunshot wounds, Sabirianov managed to survive. His treatment took 4 months. The assault was tied to his illegal activities.

Another defendant in the case of selling a position in the Federal Agency for Fishery is a political strategist and private consultant on issues of crisis management, Yevgeny Degtyarenko. The Presnensky Court of Moscow has detained him until January 25, 2017. Degtyarenko has been charged with attempted Swindling on a considerable scale (part 3 of Art. 30 and part 4. of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), Kommersant reported.

There are three other defendants in the case who go under the same article of the Criminal Code. A group of suspects offered Burtsev, the victim, to pay $ 7 million for his appointment to the post of head of auction house for sale of quotas on fish resources. The Federal Agency for Fishery has been working on the project of this organization since the end of last year.

Investigators believe that, having obtained information about the upcoming opening of the auction house, former Bashkir official Fanil Sabirianov offered a US citizen with Belarusian roots George Hager and former chief engineer of Grozny construction and assembly management Mikail Umaev to make some money from the newly established position in the Federal Agency for Fishery.

Through Hager the suspects contacted the political consultant and crisis expert Yevgeny Degtyarenko, who had connections with influential people in the federal agency. They also found a potential buyer, someone named A.K. Burtsev (the media outlet reports no other data about the victim).

Burtsev was promised the position of head of the auction house for $ 7 million. As problem solvers clarified, most of the money was to go for kickbacks to officials responsible for the appointment. In particular, the defendants pointed to the advisor to Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Yury Khokhlov.

Burtsev pretended to agree, on condition of paying for the services rendered, and then wrote a statement to the FSB. Security agents started their investigation and further actions of the accused were already under the control of law enforcement officers.

On May 24, Hager was caught in the act of transferring the first tranche of a bribe in the amount of $ 300 thousand; the banknotes were marked with special ink. However, the US citizen first explained the origin of money by lobbying Burtsev's interests, and then refused to testify in accordance with Art. 51 of the Russian Constitution. Soon afterwards, all the remaining problem solvers were detained. As part of the so-called operative experiment, Sabirianov and Umaev tried to pass the fake $ 3 million tranche to the advisor to the Head of Federal Agency for Fishery, Yuri Khokhlov. The official refused to take the money and later told reporters about provocation undertaken against him. His involvement in a corruption scheme has not been proven, but Khokhlov still resigned from the agency.



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