Exemplary policemen suspected of 5 million rubles extortion

Exemplary policemen suspected of 5 million rubles extortion

According to investigators, law enforcement officers received bribes from the karaoke bar administration for overall protection.

Several officers of the Moscow police were detained for taking bribes from the administration of Redwood karaoke bar in the amount of five million rubles for the overall protection, Life wrote. Among the detained were several operatives - Maxim Kulibin and Dmitry Kutnyakov, the Chief of one of the Internal Affairs Directorate departments in CAD Evgeny Povolotskii and two intermediaries, who have been placed under house arrest for their cooperation with the investigation.

Earlier, two of the detainees were the heroes of the Petrovka, 38 newspaper, where they were described as exemplary operatives. In the article "A good application for worthy service" in 2011 it was stated that standout Kulibin is the hereditary policeman, because his parents were officers of the Interior Ministry. Two years later in the article "It's difficult to be operatives," it was described how high school friends-operatives Maxim Kulibin and Dmitry Kutnyakov caught a gang of robbers.

Alexey Romanov, the lawyer of arrested, expressed his outrage in respect of the suspects' dismissal. According to him, Maxim Kulibin with all his achievements in the field of combating crime was removed from office illegally. He also stated that his client is not guilty and considers himself a victim of defamation by his colleague.



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