Exclusive documents on Spetsstroy elimination 

Exclusive documents on Spetsstroy elimination

Value-for-money audits started at Spetsstroy this October, after Putin got to see the unflattering report from the institution.

The CrimeRussia holds documents confirming earlier published information on Spetsstroy elimination. Vladimir Putin had made the decision on November 18 at a private meeting with the Ministry of Defense. The reason why the Federal Agency of Special Construction had to be closed was numerous complaints on the financial discipline and missed deadlines. Later, however, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the information saying that no final decision has yet been taken.

Both the deadlines and the specific providers to eliminate Spetsstroy are indicated in the list of instructions for the Presidential decree implementation signed by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

For instance, V. Tonkoshkurov, the Head of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of Armed Forces, together with the Legal Department has to prepare and submit a draft of presidential decree on the abolition already on December 10. Yet the implementation works began already on November 25. All the subordinate enterprises and institutions are to be conveyed completely to the Ministry of Defense before July 1.

A year ago, in November 2015, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in charge of the space industry told Mr. Putin that Spetsstroy could perform just 15-40% of all the contracts, delegating most of the work as well as design documentation to other organizations. In the fall 2016, Spetsstroy Acting Deputy Director Aleksey Mogilnikov said that only 11 of the 83 facilities, being built for the Defense Ministry, are actually not behind the schedule, while 61 objects are in critical condition, as Spetsstroy estimated, adding to other financial difficulties they had reported before.

Spetsstroy was responsible for the construction of Vostochniy cosmodrome, notorious for multi-billion ruble thefts and a dozen of criminal cases.


Document key points:

-prepare and submit proposals on how to transfer the Spetsstroy payroll to the Armed Forces by December 1;
-prepare the elimination procedures and transfer of Spetsstroy functions to the Ministry of Defense by June 1;
-arrange transfer of Spetsstroy budgetary provisions to the Ministry of Defense by March 1;
-arrange transfer of Spetsstroy facilities to the Ministry of Defense 
by March 1.


-promote job placement of Spetsstroy employees by June 1;
-draft and submit elimination bill to be signed by the President by December 10.



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