Ex-Senator Dmitry Krivitsky arrested in absentia

Ex-Senator Dmitry Krivitsky arrested in absentia
Dmitry Krivitsky

The wanted former Federation Council member is accused of bribe-taking in the amount of 15 million rubles ($257 thousand). In addition, he was involved in the resonant road case, in the framework of which former Vice-Governor of the Novgorod region Shalmuev was convicted.⁠

The court arrested in absentia former Federation Council member from the Novgorod region Dmitry Krivitsky, who represented the region in the Federation Council since December 2011 to September 2016.

Kommersant reports that the decision in respect of the Senator hiding from the investigation was made by the Novgorod District Court at the request of the regional management of the Investigation Committee. Charges were not brought against Dmitry Krivitsky as law enforcement authorities are not aware of his location. On March, 1 the former senator was issued an international arrest warrant.

On January 30, 2017 a criminal case on bribe-taking was brought against the former senator. According to investigators, during his work in the Federation Council in 2012 Krivitsky received 15 million rubles ($257 thousand) through an intermediary for actions in favor of the briber and his representatives "by virtue of his official position".

What is more, Krivitsky is a defendant in a high-profile criminal case on embezzlement of public funds allocated for construction of roads in the Novgorod region. Former first deputy head of the administration of the Novgorod region Arnold Shalmuev has already been convicted of this and is serving a sentence.

As it was reported previously, in late 2015 Shalmuev testified that Dmitry Krivitsky was well aware of fraudulent activities of the criminal group during the construction of highways in the region.


Arnold Shalmuev

In particular, Shalmuev said that it was Krivitsky who advised the governor to redistribute powers between his deputies, including road construction. Investigators also have an audio recording of negotiations between Krivitsky and Shalmuev and other members of the criminal group.

According to investigators, the accused limited competition in the regional auctions on contracts for the construction and repair of roads with the help of administrative resources, and as a result contracts were concluded with affiliated commercial entities under their control. The damage to the state amounted to more than 15 million rubles ($257 thousand).

The guilty verdict on the road case that put 5 people on the defendants’ bench was read out in the Novgorod District Court on March 15, 2016.

Former First Deputy Governor Arnold Shalmuev was sentenced to 8 years and 10 months in prison with a fine of 900 thousand rubles ($15 thousand). The rest of the defendants – ex-Deputy of the Borovichsky municipal district Anatoly Petrov, deputy director of state region unitary enterprise Veche Alexander Belov, Novgorod entrepreneur Nato Natanov and former executive director of LLC Magistral Alexey Tutykin were given from 4 to 6 years of imprisonment and sentenced to various fines. The defendants did not admit their guilt, apart from Alexander Belov. He confessed to changes in full, but was sentenced to jail time.



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