Ex-President of Russian Basketball Federation to be tried for $755,000-embezzlement

Ex-President of Russian Basketball Federation to be tried for $755,000-embezzlement
Yuliya Anikeeva

The Chertanovo District Court has received a criminal case against former president of the Russian Basketball Federation (RBF). Another defendant in the case is former RBF accountant Mikhail Kocharyan, deceased in October 2016. The Moscow Prosecutor's Office has approved the indictment on the criminal case of former officials.

According to Kommersant, the defendants in the case are charged with swindling on an especially large scale, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement with the use of official position. The punishment for this crime is stipulated in part 4 of Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code.    

As the supervisory agency reported, in the period from February 2014 to August 2015, Anikeeva, Kocharyan, and their accomplice, former Executive Director of the RBF Dmitry Domani, whose criminal case has been separated in connection with the search, were embezzling large amount of funds from the Russian Basketball Federation. They were assisted by Accountant Elena Silina. They were dealing with the affairs of four individual entrepreneurs controlled by fraudsters, who actually did not carry out any financial and economic activities.

The officials used the legal entities to conclude fictitious civil law contracts. The money belonging to the RBF would be transferred to the individual entrepreneurs' bank accounts. Then the funds would be cashed out and transferred to Kocharyan via Silina.

The criminal scheme was discovered after an audit by the new leadership of the Russian Basketball Federation in December 2015, after which new Head of the Federation Andrey Kurylenko appealed to law enforcers. The case against RBF’s former management was initiated on December 29, 2015. The damage inflicted by fraudsters is estimated at 44 million rubles (755 thousand dollars).

According to the prosecutor's office, after Kocharyan died after a serious illness in October 2016, the criminal prosecution against him was not dismissed due to the objections of his relatives. They did not want the case to be withdrawn on non-rehabilitating circumstances.

A criminal case against Silina was referred to the Chertanovo District Court in February. Ex-president of the RBF awaits trial under house arrest.



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