Ex-Prosecutor of Saratov Vladimir Chechin denies bribery allegations

Ex-Prosecutor of Saratov Vladimir Chechin denies bribery allegations
Vladimir Chechin

Ex-Head of Department of State Prosecutors of the Saratov region Prosecutor's Office Vladimir Chechin pleads guilty of attempted fraud but denies bribery.

During the pleading in the Oktyabrsky District Court of Saratov, Vladimir Chechin said that he partially agreed with the charges against him; namely, he admitted the attempt at swindling, but denied receiving the bribe.

Meanwhile, according to former employee of the Saratov City Prosecutor's Office Vitaly Galanov, who appeared at the hearing as a witness, Chechin asked him to «pay attention» to a criminal case, for the help in terminating which the defendant had demanded 10 thousand dollars from local businessman Nikolay Bekishov.

Chechin is charged with the commission of crimes under part 3 of Art. 30, part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Attempted swindling) and part 5 of Art. 290 (Bribery). It is noteworthy that Chechin and his lawyers insist on "farfetchedness" of the charges under the second article and deny the fact of receiving the bribe in every possible way.

To recall, the CrimeRussia previously reported that in July last year, Vladimir Chechin had demanded 10 thousand dollars from Nikolay Bekishov, promising to help terminate the criminal case against the businessman's son, which was in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the court hearing the other day, Vitaly Galanov told that Chechin had indeed demonstrated a keen interest in the criminal case in question. Its main defendant was Ivan Bekishov, suspected of stealing building materials for 4.5 million rubles ($76.3 thousand) and declared federally wanted.

It is also noteworthy that FSB officers caught the moment of Bekishev transferring the bribe to Chechin on video.

After Chechin was detained and sent to a pre-trial detention center, he made several attempts to have the preventive measure changed to house arrest due to his poor health and advanced age.

In October last year, the court sentenced Nikolay Bekishev to 5 years in a general-regime colony. He was found guilty of Abuse of official powers (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code) and counterfeit of the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, register of securities owners or depository accounting system (part 1 of Art. 170.1 of the Russian Criminal Code). It turned out that in 2001, as head of Trans Povolzhye LLC, Bekishev illegally concluded a mortgage and guarantee agreement, causing the company damages exceeding 27.5 million rubles ($466 thousand). In addition, he submitted false documents to the tax service for entering fake information about the head of the organization in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. To note, the businessman did not plead guilty in court. The verdict is currently being appealed. As for Trans Povolzhye LLC, the company was declared bankrupt in March last year.

The investigation has also found that Chechin had asked 750 thousand rubles ($12.7 thousand) for resolving the issue with the cancellation of the arbitration court decision. "At the same time, the officer of the prosecutor's office could not have influenced the judicial decision," the ICR explained.

After the money was transferred on August 25 last year, Chechin was detained by FSB in the Saratov region. Siloviki found the money in the glove compartment of his car parked on Pushkin Street in Saratov. Later, Chechin was dismissed from the prosecutor's office, taken to Nizhny Novgorod, and placed in custody.



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