Ex-Prosecutor of Leningrad region dismissed, disputes Prosecutor General’s decision

Ex-Prosecutor of Leningrad region dismissed, disputes Prosecutor General’s decision
Stanislav Ivanov

Lawyers consider the dismissal illegal, despite the fact that Stanislav Ivanov himself tendered his resignation after allegations of accepting bribes from businessmen.

The Tverskoy District Court of Moscow has begun consideration of the claim for the reinstatement in a job of former Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region Stanislav Ivanov. His lawyers told Kommersant that they consider the dismissal unlawful, despite the fact that Ivanov had tendered his resignation voluntarily. It is noted that in the order of the Prosecutor General N960-K dated November 1, 2016, Yuri Chaika named a disciplinary offense the reason for the dismissal, namely overseas travel without the consent of authorities, not alleged bribetaking. It turned out that Stanislav Ivanov travelled to Tokyo and the Borneo Island on holiday in 2015 and 2016 without receiving consent from his superiors.

However, the limitation period for a possible disciplinary sanction for this violation has expired, and therefore cannot serve as the reason for dismissal. In addition, the order was signed, when Ivanov was on sick leave.

The claim had been filed long before and consideration in court was to begin a month ago, but the Prosecutor General's Office failed to present its position in time and prepare a review.

Former Prosecutor of the Leningrad region Stanislav Ivanov fell under suspicion of taking a bribe of 20 million rubles at the end of September 2016. However, Ivanov has not been officially detained so far due to the fact that he still remains in the hospital. The prosecutor was diagnosed with acute leukemia. He was taken to the hospital shortly after the disappointing results of the inspection carried out by officials from the Prosecutor General's Office, who arrived in St. Petersburg. Then, on October 21, Ivanov tendered his resignation to the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, he was dismissed by order of the Prosecutor General "for violation of the oath of the prosecutor and misconduct, discrediting honor of procuracy employees."

At the same time, two businessmen arrested on suspicion of large-scale fraud (Chairman of the Managing Company for Waste Management in Leningrad Region JSC Alexey Varichev and shady businessman with US citizenship Semyon Kuzmin) testified against Ivanov before FSB Economic Security Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The businessmen were arrested immediately after the initiation of criminal proceedings against them under the articles Swindling and Illegal Banking Activities at the end of June 2016. In early August, security forces found 400 million rubles, $ 3 million and 1 million euros in Kuzmin’s deposit boxes. Probably after that the businessmen decided to make a deal with the investigation. They gave in prosecutor Ivanov hoping to mitigate a future judgment. The businessmen also reported that they paid for the oversea travels of the prosecutor's family, bought a foreign car to Ivanov’s mother-in-law and parking spaces. In addition, they paid Ivanov 500 thousand to 1.5 million rubles per month.

The ex-Prosecutor admitted having financial relations with Varichev and Kuzmin, but assured that he had been taking money from them on credit, which he had promptly given back. Stanislav Ivanov still refuses to plead guilty.



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