Ex-policeman arrested in case of Shakro Molodoy was Lamonov's right hand

Ex-policeman arrested in case of Shakro Molodoy was Lamonov's right hand
Alexander Lamonov in court

According to investigators, former police officer Denis Bogorodetsky offered the Investigative Committee officers 300 thousand dollars for the release of the Italian and conducted relevant negotiations.

The Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested former police officer Denis Bogorodetsky. Investigators believe he was the intermediary in the transfer of a bribe to the first deputy head of the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigative Directorate for Moscow, Denis Nikandrov, head of the Main Department of Interagency Cooperation and Internal Security of the Investigative Committee, Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov from kingpin Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) for the release of his assistant Andrey Kochuykov (Italian).

"The petition of the FSB investigator is to be granted, against Bogorodetsky, a preventive measure form of detention is to be imposed," cites the agency RIA Novosti judge’s words.

According to the investigation, Bogorodetsky offered the Investigative Committee’s officers 300 thousand dollars for the release of Italian and conducted the corresponding negotiations. The ex-officer has not yet been officially charged, Dozhd reports. He himself does not admit blame and refuses to testify yet.

Note that earlier Denis Bogorodetsky's name in the Shakro Molodoy’s case was not publicly disclosed. Earlier, among the intermediaries in the transfer of bribes for Nikandrov, Maksimenko and Lamonov, there were other names. Thus, it is known from the materials of the case that one of the intermediaries was Dmitry Zvontsev, the ex-police officer, and the head of the private security company controlled by Kalashov. At the same time, Zvontsev was called a valuable witness: the FSB did not solicit his arrest. The main evidence in the case of the high-ranking investigators is his testimony. Dmitry Zvontsev acknowledged his involvement in the transfer of the bribe from the mafia boss, but added that he had never met either Nikandrov or Maksimenko, but he had heard about the final recipients of money from other intermediaries.

According to the source of the CrimeRussia, Denis Bogorodetsky was not only one of the links of this chain of intermediaries, but also a friend of Alexander Lamonov.

Previously, Bogorodetsky served in the MIA Directorate of the Moscow’s Eastern Administrative District and the MIA Main Directorate of the Central Federal District. Later, he was sent to MIA Chief Directorate for the Moscow Region. The source said that the policeman's career could have ended ingloriously when he was suspected of involvement in the drug mafia and even, according to some sources, when cocaine was found in his office. Bogorodetsky disappeared, according to our information, in Israel (by the way, he holds a passport of this country) and lived there for a year, remotely solving problems with the law in Russia. A year later, Bogorodetsky returned as if nothing had happened. It is possible that Alexander Lamonov helped him to cover up the affair with drugs. It is also known that Lamonov not only solved the problems of his friend, but also contributed to his career. According to our information, Lamonov took him to his operative work in the Investigative Committee, where he actually was his assistant and his right hand.

It is to be noted that it was Bogorodetsky who was the witness whose name was not announced in the framework of the case. Previously, he figured only as a subordinate of Lamonov; as a witness, he was tested on a polygraph about the transfer of the bribe from Kalashov for the employees of the Investigative Committee.

According to sources, Bogorodetsky introduced Lamonov to his former colleague, ex-policeman Eugene Surzhikov. The latter, according to the investigation, acted as a senior employee private security company controlled by Kalashov and took direct part in the events of December 14, 2015. He also suggested, for a monetary reward, to resolve the issue with the arrested Italian.



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