Ex-Minister of Economic Development received two keesters with bribe in Rosneft's office

Ex-Minister of Economic Development received two keesters with bribe in Rosneft's office
The Minister of Economic Development Ulyukaev in the Basmanny Court Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN Moskva

According to sources, Ulyukaev did not have time to touch the money, but was holding the handle of the keester that was marked with a special substance.

More details and versions of the controversial detention of the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev became known. Kommersant reported citing a source that the official was detained on November 14 around 17.30, when he was coming out of one of the PJSC Rosneft offices. In his hands he carried the keester with $ 1 million, another keester with the same amount of money was to bring in his official car. The interlocutor of the edition noted that the Minister did not touch the money, as the ICR reported, but touched the handle of the keester that was marked with a special substance. Who exactly gave a bribe and in what office the deal was held - it is still unknown.

Officially, the detention of Alexey Ulyukaev by the FSB was formalized at two o'clock on 15 November. The detention lasted until the night, because investigators described each of the bills (20 thousand pieces!) in $ 100 currency denomination. Half an hour after the official representative of the ICR Svetlana Petrenko announced the initiation of the criminal case under part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale combined with extortion) against the Minister of Economic Development. Investigators believe that Ulyukaev extorted a bribe from Rosneft representatives for a positive assessment enabling the company to acquire state-owned package of Bashneft’s shares at a rate of 50%. It is noted that the official threatened the state oil company employees, but what kind of the threat it was, the investigation does not report.

During the interrogation, which took place on the morning of November 15 at the central building of the ICR at Technichesky Lane, the Minister did not answer for most of the questions posed to him. He used the Art. 51 of the Constitution, which allows not incriminating himself. He did not admit his guilt.

On the same day the Basmanny District Court authorized a two-month house arrest. About such a soft preventive measure the investigator himself asked taking into account the health state of the official (he has atherosclerosis and hypertension). The Minister’s lawyer stated that an official of this level could not in principle be placed in the pre-trial detention center, because he has an access to state secrets. Thus, the ex-Minister of Economic Development will reside in his family’s apartment at the residential complex Zolotye Kluchi-2 on the Minskaya Street until January 15, 2017. In the apartment, according to Kommersant’s sources, wiretapping devices can be installed.

After the court hearing the decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ulyukaev’s resignation from the post of Minister in connection with the loss of confidence was promulgated.



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