Ex-Minister of Agriculture in Sakhalin testified on Khoroshavin

Ex-Minister of Agriculture in Sakhalin testified on Khoroshavin
Nikolay Borisov

The former Minister of Agriculture in Sakhalin Nikolay Borisov made a deal with the investigation and now he can face up a lenient sentence.

The Moscow City Court changed the preventive measure for the ex-Minister of Agriculture in Sakhalin Region Nikolay Borisov, who is accused on charges of accepting bribes of more than 500 million rubles. Borisov placed under house arrest.

The press service of the court reported to Life that today the request to change the preventive measure was granted. Borisov's house arrest will continue until 27 September.

Sources of publication explained that the ex-Minister was released from the pre-trial detention center due to giving confessions, including the main person involved in the case, the former Governor of Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin. Now Borisov can expect a more lenient punishment in the court.

Defendants on high-profile case are the ex-Governor Alexandr Khoroshavin, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Sakhalin Region Sergey Karepkin, the Governor's Adviser Andrey Ikramov, the Minister of Agriculture, Trade and Provisions Nikolay Borisov.

Note that today the Court should also consider the petition of the investigator to extend the arrest of Alexander Horoshavin and Andrey Ikramov.

Recall that, according to investigators, in 2009 the Head of Sakhalin Region Khoroshavin created OCG, which included other officials of the region. In the period from 2009 to 2015 high-ranking civil servants have received from 8 entrepreneurs, working in the field of fisheries, agriculture, transport and construction, bribes for protection. The total amount of bribes, according to the ICR data, is more than 522 million rubles.

In the framework of the criminal case the court imposed a security lien on expensive cars, real estate, valuables and cash of suspected.



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