Ex-mayor of Tomsk is released on parole

Ex-mayor of Tomsk is released on parole
Aleksander Makarov

Kuibyshev District Court delivered a decision to release on parole former mayor of Tomsk Aleksander Makarov, who was convicted to 12 years of colony for corruption. Irkutsk Regional Court recognized such decision lawful.

Makarov was accused in abuse of office, getting bribes on a large scale, illegal participation in business activity, fraud, extortion and also illegal purchasing and storage of drugs on large scale. This was not the first attempt to appeal the Prosecutor's Office' decision but this time it was successful. Former head of Tomsk is going out of prison, though in 2015 the court was on the investigation's side and rejected the petition on release on parole.

The criminal case was initiated against Aleksander Makarov in 2006; at the same time he had lost the mayor's post. The ex-head of Tomsk was caught red-handed right in his office during the search, which was conducted under a criminal case over abuse of office. According to the Tomsk prosecutor, during his detention, Makarov was receiving a bribe of 3 million rubles. What is more, after the inspection it occurred that the bureaucrat illegally earned hundreds of millions rubles.

The mayor did not admit his guilt and tried to assure the investigation that he had nothing to do with all the accusations. The bureaucrat and his lawyer repeatedly highlighted that the case is not of criminal nature, but of political.

In 2009 Makarov won in the European Court of Human Rights a case against Russia and was released on bail. Besides that, he was paid 8 thousands euros for causing moral damage. But in a year Makarov returned to prison, getting 12 years in colony, accused in 7 points of 9 previous. In 2001 the term was shorten to 11 years 8 months.



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