Ex-Mayor of Saratov convicted for bribe taking received award from City Council

Ex-Mayor of Saratov convicted for bribe taking received award from City Council
Yury Aksenenko

Former Mayor of Saratov Yuri Aksenenko, holding this post from 1996 to 2006, received letter of appreciation and memorable gift from the Saratov City Council.⁠

Spokesman of the Saratov City Council Sergey Naumov presented the letter of appreciation and valuable gift to former Mayor of Saratov Yuri Aksenenko at an extraordinary session. The meeting of the Council was devoted to the 20 anniversary of legislature of the city.

As Interfax reports with reference to the representative of the City Administration, “Aksenenko received an award for long-term honest work and significant contribution to development of the city”. According to the Saratov media, current Mayor of the city Valery Saraev and deputies congratulated the former Mayor on receipt of gratitude in a break after the rewarding.

To recall, Aksenenko was holding a post of the Mayor of Saratov for 10 years till 2006. At the same time he was also a speaker of the City Council.

However, three years later after resignation the Saratov Regional Court found Yury Aksenenko guilty in two episodes under part 2 of Art. 285 (Abuse of Official Powers) and in one episode under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Exceeding Official Powers) and also in Bribe-Taking receiving under part 4 of Art. 290. Aksenenko was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment of a high security, and a penalty in the amount of 700 thousand rubles. Besides, he was deprived from the rights to hold positions in municipal and public service during three years. 



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