Ex-Mayor of Kopeysk gets his first bribe as dinner to celebrate new job

Ex-Mayor of Kopeysk gets his first bribe as dinner to celebrate new job
Vyacheslav Istomin Photo: : Ignat Sarapulov/chelyabinsk.74.ru

The state prosecutor considered the standing dinner organized for Vyacheslav Istomin to be "illegal gratuitously rendered services." The trial against the official accused of corruption has begun.

The former Mayor of Kopeysk, the Chelyabinsk Region, Vyacheslav Istomin received bribes in the form of banquets. This transpired yesterday, on May 4, during the first hearing in the city court related to the criminal case against the ex-official.

Istomin received his first bribe at the mayor's post as a standing dinner on the occasion of taking office in 2011. The dinner was paid by businessman and co-owner of Sotsialnoye Pitaniye (Social Catering) LLC Andrey Prib, on the evidence of whom the criminal case was initiated. Some time after, the merchant also organized an official holiday dinner to celebrate his birthday, a picnic on some occasion and a few more banquets. Investigators estimated the cost of the feasts at almost 900 thousand rubles ($15.800). In return, Andrey Prib received a land plot for the construction of a store.

Vyacheslav Istomin received another bribe of more than 900 thousand rubles for kickbacks under the contract for the supply of equipment to Kopeisk schools and a kindergarten from an entrepreneur.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, FSB officers arrested Istomin at the workplace in July 2016 and detained him. Already at the stage of investigation, the official began to cooperate, recognizing the guilt under item (c), part 5 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking) at the first face-to-face interrogation with Prib. After that, the court softened Istomin's pre-trial restriction sending him under house arrest.

The next court session will be held on June 22.



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