Ex-mayor of Inta was found guilty of taking bribes

Ex-mayor of Inta was found guilty of taking bribes
Inta's ex-mayor Pavel Smirnov was hiding bribes in the refrigerator

Pavel Smirnov was convicted of receiving 30 million rubles during his work being the mayor.

The Intinsky City Court found ex-mayor Pavel Smirnov guilty bribe taking on an especially large scale - for 30 million rubles, the high assistant prosecutor of Komi Natalia Spiridonova reports.

She reminded that Smirnov was detained in October, 2015 in the official office, after he got from the refrigerator freezer in the restroom a packet with the money, brought to him as a bribe and enumerated them.

According to prosecutor's office, the former city's mayor since 2012 within four years systematically was getting from businessmen bribes in exchange for a general protection.

Smirnov at first in every possible way tried to justify himself, however admitted his guilt later. The court imposed to the former head of municipality sentence in the form of 12 years of imprisonment in a corrective colony of the strict regime, a penalty in the amount of 25 million rubles.

Besides, Smirnov is forbidden to hold positions on municipal and civil service within ten years. Also norms of the criminal law on confiscation of the money received in the criminal way are applied.



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