Ex-Head of Voronezh region Avtodor accused of bribery released

Ex-Head of Voronezh region Avtodor accused of bribery released
Aleksandr Trubnikov

Legal proceedings regarding 140 million rubles, found in Aleksandr Trubnikov’s house in bags, boxes and basins, continue.

Former Head of the Voronezh region Road Department (Avtodor) Aleksandr Trubnikov has been prematurely released from the penal colony No. 8 in Rossosh, where he had been serving a punishment for bribe-taking.

Trubnikov was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison and a fine of 150 million rubles in October 2015 by the Leninsky District Court of Voronezh. Immediately after sentencing, the defense of the former road department head began appealing the judgment to higher courts. The lawyers demanded the release of their client for medical reasons, as Trubnikov had an oncological disease.

However, throughout 2016, the courts refused to release the convict. Thus, in March, the Voronezh Regional Court upheld the decision of the Leninsky District Court. In May, Trubnikov’s lawyers sent the parole application to the Sovetsky District Court, which re-referred the case to the Rossoshansky District Court. In July, the final instance refused to release the former roadman. In September, the Voronezh Regional Court denied his early release once again.

Only in early 2017, Trubnikov’s defense was able to prove that the prisoner with stage IV cancer cannot be held in a correctional facility. The decision on his release was issued by the Rossoshansky District Court on 16 January.

“The decision has entered into force, and Trubnikov left the correctional camp No. 8 (IK-8) in Rossosh, where he had been serving a sentence,” lawyer Vera Belkina told Kommersant. According to her, the former head of the regional road department lost more than 40 kg, and he is “in a severe physiological state, and is extremely mentally depressed.”

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Aleksandr Trubnikov was convicted for bribery. He was detained in May 2013 when transferring more than 1 million rubles, which he had demanded from a businessman for approving a work completion certificate. Then, investigators were able to convict Trubnikov of three more episodes of bribery. However, the official explained that the money received from the Voronezhavtodor representative Boris Smirnov was a debt for the purchase of bitumen. He attributed two more episodes of bribe-taking from Voronezhavtodor to paying for the construction machinery work performed by Khlevenskaya Mobile Mechanical Division. This company was formed by Trubnikov himself, and is headed by his relative.

Searches of the former road department head’s relatives revealed 140 million rubles, which were stored in bags, boxes and basins. The official claimed that it was revenue from the business run by him and his wife Nadezhda before going to the civil service.

Meanwhile, the money seized was never converted to state revenue. After the arrest of her husband, Nadezhda Trubnikova applied for property distribution; moreover, she obtained the right to claim half of the cash found, which is currently stored in the regional treasury department. The fight for the arrested funds continues. Trubnikova has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Treasury, and even against her husband.



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