Ex-head of Smolny Legal Committee detained on suspicion of embezzling $213k

Ex-head of Smolny Legal Committee detained on suspicion of embezzling $213k
Yulia Osipova

According to the investigation, officials themselves carried out the work of legal registration instead of a fictitious contractor, appropriating money.

The former head of the legal committee of the St. Petersburg administration, Yulia Osipova, was detained on the night of November 8-9 by members of the Investigative Committee.

Osipova, who was dismissed immediately after the appointment of the acting head of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, is suspected of the embezzlement of 14.5 million rubles ($213,000) after signing contracts with commercial organizations for the three years of her service in the government of St. Petersburg, Fontanka reports.

The investigation suspects Osipova of organizing a criminal scheme, in which her deputy Irina Zolotovskaya participated as well. She was also fired after Osipova, and now, according to the newspaper, is already abroad. As part of the investigation, on November 8, the regional FSB Directorate operatives searched the apartment of Yulia Osipova.

After a search on the morning of November 9, Yulia Osipova was taken to a prison cell, and in the evening of the same day, the Kuibyshev court sent her under house arrest.

According to the newspaper, Osipova is suspected of several episodes of embezzlement of budgetary funds after securing victories in competitions to St. Petersburg companies affiliated with the committee. At the same time, the legal services were actually performed not by the contracting companies, but by the employees of the legal committee.

The criminal case of fraud in relation to the official was filed on August 22, 2018, after collecting evidence of embezzlement at the conclusion of three government contracts worth 14.6 million rubles ($215,000) with the firm Akkanto for the provision of comprehensive legal services. Budget funds were transferred to a commercial organization, and the work was carried out by the officials themselves, a former member of the legal committee Oleg Lyskov, who worked in the department from 2000 to 2010, told the investigation.



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