Ex-Head of Saratov region Prosecutor's Office imprisoned for bribery

Ex-Head of Saratov region Prosecutor's Office imprisoned for bribery
Sergey Izot'ev

The convict extorted money from the farmer for initiating a case of crop theft.

A court in Saratov sentenced the former head of the department for the participation of prosecutors in the civil and arbitration process of the regional Prosecutor's Office, Sergey Izot'ev, to seven years in a strict regime colony. Also, the defendant was obliged to pay a fine of 1.9 million rubles ($29.000) and deprived the high rank of senior adviser to justice, and the court prohibited him to hold administrative and business positions in state bodies for five years.

"In the period from June 15, 2016, to November 14, 2017, he received (Izot'ev - Ed.) a bribe in a total amount of 650 thousand rubles, and also demanded as a bribe, another 200 thousand rubles from the chief accountant and founder of an agricultural enterprise,” the regional Prosecutor's Office told.

Izot'ev got about 1 million rubles; the court imposed a security arrest on the property.

According to investigators, Izot'ev demanded a bribe from the owner of Zernogrupp LLC to pay 3% of the annual revenue, and instead initiated criminal cases for stealing the sunflower crop at the briber’s request, and promised patronage in conflicts and business disputes between the farmer and other companies. The convict did not admit guilt.



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