Ex-Head of North Ossetia Ministry of Health suspected of embezzling 450.000 dollars

Ex-Head of North Ossetia Ministry of Health suspected of embezzling 450.000 dollars
Vladimir Selivanov, the ex-Head of the North Ossetia Ministry of Health

As a Minister, Vladimir Selivanov has signed work completion certificates for the development of design estimates for the construction of a cardiovascular center in Vladikavkaz, although the work had not been implemented.⁠

Former Minister of Health of the North Ossetia Vladimir Selivanov has become a defendant in two criminal cases at once. He is suspected of embezzling more than 26 million rubles (450 thousand dollars) during the construction of the regional cardiovascular center in Vladikavkaz.

As reported by the press service of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, the criminal cases against Selivanov, who had headed the Republic’s Ministry of Health until 2015, have been initiated under such articles of the Russian Criminal Code as Abuse of Authority by a Person Holding Public Office of a Subject of the Russian Federation and Swindling Committed on an Especially Large Scale.

According to investigation, in 2013, the Republic’s Ministry of Health and RT-Medstroyproekt LLC concluded a state contract for the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of Vladikavkaz cardiovascular center worth over 24 million rubles (414 thousand dollars) as part of the regional target program for public health development.

The contractor did not fulfill its obligations under the terms of the contract, but the company provided the work completion certificates to the customer. Selivanov, who was fully abreast of the developments (according to the prosecutor’s office), signed the documents. In April 2014, the Ministry of Health placed an advance payment in the amount of 12 million rubles (207 thousand dollars) to the contractor’s account. Later, RT-Medstroyproekt LLC levied 14 million rubles (242 thousand dollars) more on the Ministry as debt under the state contract due to false information provided to the court. As a result, the damage caused by the former minister and the contractor company’s actions exceeded 26 million rubles (450 thousand dollars).

It should be noted that in 2013, the Prosecutor General’s Office had already initiated a criminal case under Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code against Vladimir Selivanov. According to investigation, back then, Selivanov exceeded official powers being head of the Commission on the Harmonization of Rates for Medical Services in the System of Compulsory Medical Insurance. After a meeting, illegally held by Selivanov (it was attended by less than two thirds of the Commission members), the debt of Rosgosstrakh Severnaya Osetiya Meditsina (Rosgosstrakh North Ossetia Medicine) LLC to the Republican Clinical Hospital was indexed, resulting in the payment amount decreased by 15 million rubles (260 thousand dollars). Selivanov himself categorically denied exceeding official powers, noting that the absent members of the Сommission had officially asked for leave, but put their signatures under the decision rendered. Selivanov attributed the rate indexation to underfunding of the republican program of state guarantees by 44% in 2012, as a result of which employees of three regional hospitals in North Ossetia could have not received salary at the New Year's Eve.

Former Head Physician of the Mozdok district hospital Vladimir Selivanov became Head of the Ministry of Health in 2010. Despite the criminal case initiated against him in 2013, he remained at his post until June 2015, after which he was replaced by Taymuraz Revazov.



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