Ex-head of Moscow Criminal Intelligence faces 10 years for mediating bribe extortion

Ex-head of Moscow Criminal Intelligence faces 10 years for mediating bribe extortion
Viktor Trutnev

Three officers of the Moscow FSB office, detained in June 2017, are defendants in the criminal case heard by the Moscow Garrison Military Court along with the retired MIA Major-General Viktor Trutnev. The official prosecution asked 7 and eight years’ imprisonment for them.

The Moscow Garrison Military Court has heard oral statements of the parties in the case of the retired Head of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence, MIA Major-General Viktor Trutnev, and three of his alleged accomplices – officers of the Moscow FSB office.

All three have been charged with mediation in extorting a $70-thousand bribe from Director General of Transeco, Yury Kornilov, for assistance in termination of the criminal case of fraud in Russian Railways’ structures.

During the Court proceedings, the guilt of all the defendants for Mediation in Bribery (part 4 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code) was fully proven.

According to lawyers, the defendants realized their guilt and actively cooperated with the investigation, in connection with which they were transferred from pre-trial detention centers to house arrests. Also, the defense mentioned their state awards for impeccable service. Nevertheless, the prosecution proposed to sentence General Trutnev to 10 years in prison, and the FSB officers to 8 and seven years’ imprisonment. The Сourt must pronounce the defendants’ verdict tomorrow, July 18.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the case of fraud about Kornilov was initiated in relation to his company's questionable contracts with the railway carrier. In particular, in 2011-2013, Transeco LLC concluded a 2-billion-ruble ($32 million) contract with Russian Railways worth for the disposal of railway sleepers unsuitable for re-laying, however, according to the case file, the sleepers were burned or sold to citizens.

However, according to Kornilov and lawyer Mikhail Osherov, who testified as a witness, in this case there was no crime event itself, since according to the decisions of the arbitration courts, it was proved that all the works on the utilization had been carried out in full, which gives the victim grounds to believe that his criminal case was initiated with a view to subsequent extortion from the management of Transeco LLC.

In the Court, Transeco Director General described in detail who wanted to receive $70.000 from him for the transfer to “other law enforcement officers” for the termination of criminal proceedings on the crime he did not commit, and under what circumstances. It was previously reported that Trutnev is accused of transferring numbers of FSB officers to the businessman.

Police Major-General Viktor Trutnev left law enforcement agencies seven years ago. He was appointed Head of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence in 2001. Two years later, he was appointed Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. After being transferred to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Northern Administrative District in 2011, Trutnev had to retire after several months. The reason for it was a scandalous incident when Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rashid Nurgaliev, visited the Academy of the Interior Ministry located on the territory of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. When approaching the Academy, the honored guest saw a rude inscription on the ground that said ‘Nurgaliev is a ***hole.’ After that, Trutnev was hospitalized with a heart attack, and a few months later, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on his resignation.



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