Ex-head of MIA Directorate for Western Administrative District to be checked after kickboxer's statement

Ex-head of MIA Directorate for Western Administrative District to be checked after kickboxer's statement
Andrey Puchkov

The athlete’s lawyers suspect Andrey Puchkov of links to corruption schemes.

A number of lawyers ask to check the former head of the MIA Directorate for Western Administrative District Andrey Puchkov in connection with the case of embezzlement of McCoy Head, Alexander Prokhorov.

Lawyers for the world kickboxing champion Alexander Lipovoy, ex-spouse of Alana Mamaeva, wrote a statement to the of the FSB, Main MIA Directorate for Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. In it, they ask to check several episodes of corruption crimes related to the head of the McCoy company, Alexander Prokhorov. The businessman is accused of embezzling 500 million rubles ($7.9mln) from clients. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin removed Andrey Puchkov, the head of the MIA Directorate for the Western Administrative District. It were his subordinates who detained journalist Ivan Golunov and falsified his case.

The lawyers' document points out the strange behavior of the representatives of the MIA Directorate for the Western Administrative District in the investigation of the case against Prokhorov. Victims of his actions in the documents of the investigation include 21 people, although it is known that there are many more robbed clients of the company McCoy. Most of them filed complaints with law enforcement agencies, but they were denied to initiate criminal proceedings.

At the same time, Prokhorov, accused of committing several crimes and hiding from the investigation and declared wanted, has now been released on an undertaking not to leave. The document also states that during the period of the investigation, Prokhorov did not take any measures aimed at compensating the victims. At the same time, the businessman did not refuse expensive cars and private security.

The source reports that Andrey Puchkov himself may be involved in such a deal of affairs.

A criminal case under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Plunder by fraud) was initiated in respect of McCoy. 

When the investigation was already under way, Head of McCoy, Prokhorov, became a member of the FSB operation. Among those who lost money in McCoy was the three-time world kickboxing champion Alexander Lipovoy. He lost 4.5 million rubles ($71 thousand). According to Prokhorov, Lipovoy came to him and said that he has connections in law enforcement. Then he offered to provide a suspended sentence for 10 million rubles ($158 thousand). The businessman appealed to the FSB, while receiving the first part of the money, Lipovoy was detained. He is charged with attempted fraud.

According to the kickboxer, Prokhorov himself came to Lipovoy and offered to return the stolen investment in the amount of 4.5 million rubles, but in return he asked the athlete to contact his friends so that his term would not be reduced. Lipovoy agreed, because he wanted to return his stolen money, but then he honestly said that he could not help Prokhorov.



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