Ex-Head of Kurgan Regional MIA faces trial

Ex-Head of Kurgan Regional MIA faces trial
Major-General Igor Reshetnikov

Major-General is accused of repeated abuse of office.

The Kurgan City Court will consider the case of the former Head of the MIA for the Kurgan Region, the Major General Reshetnikov, Kommersant reported. The prosecution claims the Head of the regional MIA signed the delivery and acceptance certificates with designers of the Dog Service Center (DSC), although the building has not yet been built. Moreover, the senior police officer was accused of abusing his authority, in particular, using the departmental sanatorium for personal reasons.

The criminal case against Reshetnikov started in December 2015, when he had already retired from the post of the Head of the regional police for four years. Previously he had a job in the Khabarovsk MIA, where the Major-General was the first Deputy Head of the Department and the Head of the criminal police. When Reshetnikov left, there was a big scandal involving his subordinates – namely, Andrey Aleshkin (Assistant), Maxim Shevelev (the Head of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department), Sergey Mazko (the Head of Service of the Rear for Regional Police Central Board), who were arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes of 8 million rubles from the local entrepreneur Sergey Oblasov. According to the investigation, the businessman's Company Kurgan Construction Company stole funds allocated for the reconstruction of a MIA's hospital in the period of 2012-2013.

Turns out the Major-General himself did not mind abusing his power at all: the investigation found that the senior police officer has been enjoying the benefits of the departmental sanatorium for 10 years, also providing them to his friends and family; and the fun was state-financed. In addition, it was the time when Reshetnikov signed the delivery and acceptance certificates with designers of the Dog Service Center (DSC), even though he knew that the works were still in progress. However, the contract has been paid, and the contractor received 2 million rubles. The investigators noted that the construction of the center has not even started due to the lack of design documentation.

Marina Tolstikova, the General’s lawyer, emphasized that the detainee did not admit his guilt. She also claimed the high-ranking policeman said the antagonism between the agency and the local FSB was the actual reason behind the criminal case.



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