Ex-Head of Komi Gaizer not allowed to see relatives

Ex-Head of Komi Gaizer not allowed to see relatives

The former Governor of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, currently in custody under the case of organized crime group creation, has complained to human rights defenders from the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow about Lefortovo pretrial detention facility’s administration preventing him from meeting with relatives.

According to TASS, the PMC members, who have visited Gaizer at the detention facility report that, in his words, there had been only one visit from his mother over the 14 months of imprisonment.

The prisoner noted that he had appealed to the administration in writing in accordance with the detention center's rules at least 10 times, requesting visit, but had been refused each time.

In addition, the former Head of Komi expressed regret that fish is prohibited from bringing into the detention center as a perishable product. When asked to comment on the prohibition by PMC members, detention center officers referred to the decision of the Federal Penitentiary Service's sanitary physician.

Let us recall that the Head of Komi was arrested on September 20, 2015, indicted under four articles of the Russian Criminal Code. Gaizer is charged with organization and participation in a criminal community, swindling, bribe-taking and money laundering. The investigation estimated the damage at 1 billion rubles.



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