Ex-head of Klin District, Moscow Region, owns $77.6m’s worth of undeclared property

Ex-head of Klin District, Moscow Region, owns $77.6m’s worth of undeclared property
Alexander Postrigan

The prosecutor's office is going to amend the previously filed claim for the collection of Alexander Postigan’s property and turning it into state revenue.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has found a new property worth about 5 billion rubles ($77.6m) owned by Alexander Postrigan, the ex-head of the Klin district, Moscow Region, who is suspected of exceeding his authority. RIA Novosti reports the news with reference to the official representative of the Ministry, Alexander Kurennoy. Earlier, the court attached Postrigan’s property and that of his relatives worth more than 4 billion rubles overall at the suit of the prosecutor's office.

Kurennoy said that the claim filed earlier in the Klin Court would be amended. The final version will require to convert 9 billion rubles worth of property into the state’s income, including 1,699 properties with a cadastral value of at least 4.3 billion rubles. According to Kurennoy, most of the properties are land plots in the Klin district of the Moscow region.

Kurennoy said that the 9 billion rubles included four cars with a total cost of 9.4 million rubles, as well as 4.7 billion rubles "as the equivalent of property already alienated by the defendants."

According to Kurennoy, the information about that the former head of the Klin district was involved in his son’s business and used his authority there served as the basis for amending the claim and revising the damage amount.

The prosecutor's check identified persons who confirmed that they were fictitious owners of the property, which Postrigan and his son registered in their names “to conceal it from the controlling authorities”.

Kurennoy added that the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies continue to search for foreign assets Postigan may have.

Alexander Postrigan was detained on suspicion of exceeding his official authority while renting out a residential building in June 2018. The investigation alleges that he signed the operational acceptance certificate violating the town planning legislation. Further inspection identified defects that could lead to the destruction of the building. Postrigan headed the Klin district of the Moscow region for 17 years, until 2014.



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