Ex-head of Kerch sea port fined $84.300 for bribe

Ex-head of Kerch sea port fined $84.300 for bribe

Former director of the state enterprise Crimean seaports branch Kerch commercial seaport Vladimir Volkov was convicted of extorting a bribe of 170 thousand rubles ($2900).⁠

The Kerch City Court issued a guilty verdict to Vladimir Volkov, having found him guilty of taking a bribe in the amount of 170 thousand rubles from the director of a commercial firm. In return, he promised the businessman his assistance in organizing the accelerated transshipment of coastal cargo in the Kerch commercial port, as well as the provision of other preferential terms.

After receiving a bribe, Volkov was detained, fired from his post and a criminal case was initiated against him.

According to the press service of the Kerch City Court, Volkov was deprived of the right to hold positions in state bodies, municipal and state enterprises, which may be related to the performance of organizational, administrative, administrative and economic functions, for 7 years. In addition, the court ordered him to pay a fine, which is equal to a 30-fold amount of a bribe, namely 5.062.545 rubles. He was also sentenced to 7 years' imprisonment suspended.



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