Ex-Head of Kemerovo ICR department charged with another crime

Ex-Head of Kemerovo ICR department charged with another crime
Sergey Kalinkin

The investigation believes Sergey Kalinkin extorted shares of the Razrez Inskoy mine. However, now he is also charged with abuse of office.

Former Head of the ICR Main Investigative Department in the Kemerovo region Sergey Kalinkin, who stands accused of extorting shares of the Razrez Inskoy mine, has become a defendant in another criminal case. He has been charged with Exceeding Official Powers (item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). Earlier it was reported that investigators were checking Kalinkin and a number of employees of the regional administration for abuse of power.

Interfax obtained information about the second criminal case from a source in law enforcement agencies. Officially, this data has not been confirmed by the investigators yet.

The case of extortion against the former Head of the Kemerovo ICR department was initiated on November 14. Investigators believe that he and other persons were involved in extorting shares from Razrez Inskoy JSC for a total sum of about 1 billion rubles. Other defendants in the case are deputy head of the ICR second department for investigation of particularly important cases Sergey Kryukov, senior investigator Artem Shevele, and vice-governors of Kemerovo region Head Aman Tuleev — Alexey Ivanov and Alexander Danilchenko.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that the starting point for this case was established this June, when a criminal case was opened against the lawyer Anton Tsygankov, the nominal owner of 51% shares of Razrez Inskoy — for non-payment of wages to miners. On July 8, miners, who were angry after four months of delay in salary payment, went on a strike. The regional businessman Alexander Schukin learned of that and contacted Head of the ICR Main Investigative Deprtament in the Kemerovo region Sergey Kalinkin and Vice-Governor Alexey Ivanov. Having learned from the conversation about the plans to repay the wage arrears from the Miloserdie fund, where Schukin’s company transferred 50 million rubles the other day, the businessman allegedly "decided to take control of Razrez Inskoy".

On the same day Kalinkin withdrew the case of non-payment of wages to the miners from production in his Belovsky district devision and transferred it for further investigation to senior investigator Artem Shevelev. After General Kalinkin had agreed with the coal tycoon to "stage the illegal detention" of the owner of a controlling stake Anton Tsygankov, he told Vice-Governor Alexey Ivanov, that they needed to pass Razrez Inskoy under the pretext of looking for an investor for the purpose of repayment of wage arrears. Subsequently, other government officials and security officers joined the criminal scheme, delegating responsibilities between each other, investigators believe. In particular, for the purpose of Tsygankov’s detention, Shevelev opened a criminal case into abuse of office. The owner of the controlling stake was detained as a suspect and on July 12 taken from the temporary detention center to the regional investigative department, directly to investigator Shevelev.

As for Kalinkin, he refused to plead guilty. On December 28, the Central District Court of Novosibirsk extended his detention until April 13, 2017.



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