Ex-head of company under Rosatom is now defendant in Vostochniy Cosmodrome corruption case

Ex-head of company under Rosatom is now defendant in Vostochniy Cosmodrome corruption case
Sergey Fedyaev

Former Dedal CEO Sergey Fedyaev is accused of embezzlement of funds allocated for ensuring the cosmodrome safety.

Former Director of Dedal Scientific and Production Corporation JSC Sergey Fedyaev has been arrested on charge of embezzlement of funds allocated for ensuring safety of the Vostochniy Cosmodrome. This is reported by Kommersant referring to its sources. The criminal case was initiated after an internal check in Dedal by Rosatom in the spring of 2016. The enterprise specializes in the development of secret means of protection of specially protected nuclear facilities, signaling for border protection, devices for detecting underwater saboteurs, and anti-terrorist detectors capable of catching the slightest traces of human contact with explosives.

After the check, it was reported on the initiation of several criminal cases under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an Especially Large Scale) by the MIA Main Directorate in the Moscow region against ‘unidentified persons’. One of the episodes concerned the agreement between Dedal and Bazalt-Plus, later renamed Promelektroproekt. According to the investigation, there was an attempted embezzlement of 92 million rubles ($1.5 million) in the supply of components for perimeter protection of a number of facilities under construction of the Vostochniy Cosmodrome. As a result, Dedal Director General Sergey Fedyaev lost his job. He was replaced by Igor Sushkov, who previously worked at Rosatom’s department. Two sons of Fedyaev, who worked there as designers, also left the company. They are now witnesses in the case.

In 2017, two more criminal cases were initiated; one on Abuse of Authority (Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code), in which the same ‘unidentified persons’ transferred an advance payment of more than 61.5 million rubles ($1 million) without providing a bank guarantee in early 2014; and the other on Swindling, also associated with the Vostochniy Cosmodrome. It concerns an over 86-million-ruble ($1.4 million) contract concluded in 2013 between Dedal and Maskom, which acted as one of the contractors for providing the cosmodrome facilities with security systems.

To carry out the entire scope of work, Dedal once again attracted Bazalt-Plus led by Sergey Markov as a subcontractor. Investigators believe that after the work was completed, part of Maskom’s property was stolen. Former Director General of Dedal Sergey Fedyaev, as well as Sergey Markov were first detained, and then arrested on the order of the court as part of this case. According to the investigators, the transaction concluded by the two leaders was fictitious and was due to their collusion and long-standing friendship. As a result of searches in Fedyaev’s house, the investigators seized 5 million rubles ($82.090). The ex-director of Dedal, who headed the company for 20 years, categorically denies his guilt and considers the persecution intrigues and score-settling by ill-wishers.



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