Ex-director of Yakutsk airport faces 15 years in prison

Ex-director of Yakutsk airport faces 15 years in prison
Nikolay Mestnikov

The manager is accused of taking bribes from baggage packaging companies and cleaning the air terminal.

The Prosecutor's Office of Yakutia requested 15 years of a strict regime colony and a fine of 400 million rubles for former director of the Yakutsk airport Nikolay Mestnikov, accused of taking bribes for 27 million rubles, REGNUM reports. The accused does not recognize the guilt but cooperates with the investigation.

According to the investigation, Mestnikov demanded monthly payments from the managers of the contracting companies for assistance in obtaining a contract. From 2014 to 2018, Mestnikov allegedly received bribes from the head of the baggage packaging company, Alexander Sinyavsky, and director general of the clearing company Olimp-ART Vladimir Arbatsky.

Sinyavsky addressed the police after Mestnikov increased the amount of monthly payments. When testifying, Arbatsky told a similar story. He transferred money to two of his bank cards, which he transferred with pins to Mestnikov. The siloviki found these two cards rugged during the search of the accused.



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