Ex-director of Omsktransstroy arrested by court for two months on suspicion of embezzlement 

Ex-director of Omsktransstroy arrested by court for two months on suspicion of embezzlement
Viktor Sebelev

Five criminal cases have been filed against the former Omsktransstroy Director Viktor Sebelev; he is charged with large-scale embezzlement and abuse of authority.

On October 28 in Omsk the Judge of the Kuibyshev District Court Vasily Bondarev ordered to place 63-year-old Deputy Director of Omsktransstroy OJSC Viktor Sebelev (former CEO and former chairman of the Board of Directors) in a detention facility for two months. 

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Viktor Sebelev in the courtroom

Last Wednesday, October 26, five criminal cases were initiated against Sebelev. The reason for this was the results of inspections held by the police and the FSB. He is charged with misappropriation of other people's property (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code). He was arrested and placed in a temporary detention facility on the same day.

According to investigative bodies, Viktor Sebelev embezzled more than 20 million rubles in the period from 2009 to 2013 while serving as the director general and chairman of the Board of Directors of the above company. He got the money by selling the OJSC’s property.

During the court hearing which took place on Friday, Viktor Sebelev's lawyer noted that according to part 1.1 of Art. 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, detention as a preventive measure should not be applied to a suspect or a person accused of committing crimes provided in Art. 160, if the alleged offense is committed in the sphere of business. Responding to this statement, the investigator argued that the crimes committed by Viktor Sebelev do not belong to "the sphere of business but to the overall economic sphere."

We should also add that June 30 this year Viktor Sebelev got prosecuted under the case of Abuse of Authority (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code). The preventive measure set for him back then was a travel restraint. This time the suspect's lawyers also asked the court to confine to the same preventive measure, arguing that their client has health problems.



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