Ex-deputy prime minister of Tatarstan detained after court refusal to arrest him 

Ex-deputy prime minister of Tatarstan detained after court refusal to arrest him
Vladimir Shvetsov

The ICR believes Shvetsov is the leader of a crime group engaged in embezzlement of budgetary funds. However, it appears that the prosecutor’s office and the court are against his arrest.

Former Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tatarstan and ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Vladimir Shvetsov, detained by law enforcers yesterday, was once again detained after leaving the building of the Sovetsky District Court of Kazan, which had refused to arrest Shvetsov.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Vladimir Shvetsov was detained yesterday, on April 13. A criminal case of swindling with tax deductions had been previously initiated against him.

During the court hearing on election of a preventive measure for Shvetsov, a representative of the Investigative Committee in Tatarstan Ilnar Gaynullin asked the court to arrest the official accused of swindling until July 9. The investigation believes that Shvetsov was in charge of a crime group dealing with the embezzlement of budgetary funds. In addition, Gaynullin reported on the pressure exerted on a witness by Shvetsov Sr. with the aim of changing the testimony.


However, the court ruled against placing Shvetsov in detention. According to Realnoe Vremya, the defendant’s lawyer Vadim Lebedev had presented to the court documents on his client having two serious diseases, preventing him from being placed in a pre-trial detention center; the prosecutor’s office representative has also opposed the arrest.

Nevertheless, the former minister was immediately detained again after the court hearing. According to ProKazan, law enforcers handcuffed Vladimir Shvetsov right outside the court building without explaining anything neither to him nor to his lawyer.

It is noteworthy that in January 2018, operatives of the MIA Office of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption and the ICR Investigations Directorate in Tatarstan had already detained Shvetsov on suspicion of involvement in the criminal case brought against his son Vladimir Shvetsov Jr. The latter was suspected of frauds with the collateral property of Passazhirsky Avtotransportny Kombinat PJSC (Passenger Motor Transport Combine), which resulted in the company suffering losses of more than 60 million rubles ($967,380). Back then, the former deputy prime minister was hospitalized and released by the investigation under the obligation to attend the hearing.

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