Ex-deputy head of Vladimir region tried for forth time

Ex-deputy head of Vladimir region tried for forth time
Dmitry Khvostov, former vice-governor of Vladimir region

Dmitry Khvostov is accused of taking numerous bribes on an especially large scale.

Fourth criminal case for taking a bribe on en especially large scale has been initiated against former Vice-Governor of the Vladimir region Dmitry Khvostov. This is reported by the regional ICR’s press service.

According to investigation, in September 2015, the official promised one of heads of the local construction companies to assist in the receipt of an order for the construction of social housing. The businessman was to give Khvostov one million rubles through an intermediary as gratitude, but the then vice-governor managed to receive only 800 thousand rubles.

Khvostov would receive bribes from other entrepreneurs in the region using a similar scheme, as a result of which three criminal cases have been instituted against him. According to investigators, in total, the official received about 17 million rubles and an apartment.

Khvostov has been detained in the Krasnodar region, where he went immediately after his dismissal. Later he was transferred to Vladimir, and is now in custody.



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