Ex-customs officer sentenced to 15 years for extorting bribes

Ex-customs officer sentenced to 15 years for extorting bribes

The former agent of the Sheremetyevo customs extorted more than $300.000 from businessmen, who became involved in the criminal case.

The Khimkinsky City Court decided to arrest in absentia the former investigator of the Sheremetyevo customs house, Dmitry Alekseev, for 15 years, and sentenced him to a maximum fine of 500 million rubles ($8.8m) for extorting bribes.

According to the court materials, it is established that in 2011 Alekseev investigated two criminal cases on smuggling six tons of molybdenum powder across the customs border of Russia. During the searches, he found a large sum of money at the owners of the company, but instead of withdrawing funds, Alekseev persuaded the businessmen to transfer this money to him through his colleague Stanislav Surikov. In return, the customs officer promised to stop the criminal prosecution. The amount of the bribe amounted to 350 thousand rubles ($6.160) and $30 thousand.

Later, Alekseev with the mediation of the senior customs officer Alexander Boyko and two mediators, Stanislav Surikov and Dmitry Lomilov, again turned to the businessmen, demanding from them another $200 thousand.

It is noted that Boyko, Surikov and Lomilov, who also appeared before the court, were sentenced to seven to eight years probation.



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