Ex-Chief of Police in Western District of Moscow to be judged for bribes worth 15 million rubles 

Ex-Chief of Police in Western District of Moscow to be judged for bribes worth 15 million rubles
Rogue cop Vladimir Rozhkov is awaiting trial

The criminal case against the former head of Internal Affairs Directorate in the Western District of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov was taken to court. The senior security official stands accused of taking large-scale bribes (art. 290 para. 6 of the Russian Criminal Code). According to the source of the CrimeRussia, Rozhkov is also involved in the illegal takeover of the Korolevskaya Voda Closed Joint Stock Company.

Russian General Prosecutor's Office approved the indictment of the criminal investigation against former Chief of Police in the Western District of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov. According to Kommersant, the investigators found that from June to November 2013, Colonel Rozhkov received bribes in the total amount of 15 million rubles. During that period, the former policeman purchased Lexus RX-350 (cost more than 2.7 million rubles), SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (approximate cost - 2.6 million rubles), and renovated his apartment on the Pokryshkin street for 4.7 million rubles.

Rozhkov made hay using the help of his partner, Moscow fraudster Denis Tumarkin, who changed his name to Dionysiy Zolotov (insisting on the non-existent similarities to the former head of Vladimir Putin's security service Viktor Zolotov). Tumarkin initiated criminal cases against businessmen, and then offered his services to cease the proceedings with contacts he had in law enforcement agencies.

In July 2014, “fixer” Denis Tumarkin was arrested by the Federal Security Service officers in a Moscow restaurant. He came there in a company of actual members of the security forces, who claimed they were not guarding Tumarkin, but investigating him as well. As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, during searches at Tumarkin’s place, the law enforcers found audio and video footage with more than 200 hours of recordings confirming that ex-chief of Moscow Police in Western District Vladimir Rozhkov and his subordinates had participated in the illegal takeover of Korolevskaya Voda CJSC. Special services claim that Dionysiy Zolotov earned the trust of a businessman, the founder of the company Iosiph Badalov. Then, Korolevskaya Voda CJSC was prosecuted for tax evasion in the amount of 330 million rubles. Zolotov-Tumarkin promised to solve this issue using his connections in the security forces, but failed to keep his word. While Badalov was in custody, the property of his company was registered on other people. Zolotov stored recordings of telephone conversations and meetings to later blackmail all participants in the negotiations.

Дионисий Золотов. Источник: "Коммерсантъ"

Photo: Dionysiy Zolotov (by Kommersant) 

Actually, the criminal case against Vladimir Rozhkov was opened on the tip from his former accomplice Zolotov. The inspections of Vladimir Rozhkov and his former subordinates began after Zolotov, who tried to avoid a long term imprisonment, had made a pre-trial agreement on cooperation. He testified against at least two police chiefs - the ex-deputy head of the investigative office of Interior Ministry Directorate in the Southern District of Moscow Pavel Zimin and former Chief of Police in the Western District of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov. In particular, Zolotov admitted paying bribes to the high-ranking officers, as well as committing fraud against Iosiph Badalov, the founder of Korolevskaya Voda. The case against the businessman was initiated at the directorate in the Western District, the one that Rozhkov controlled. For some reason, neither the investigation nor the judge of the Nikulinsky Court, who placed Badalov in custody, paid attention to the fact that the same fixer Zolotov had earlier been twice convicted for fraud in the same court. As a result, in October 2014, the charges against Iosiph Badalov were dropped for lack of evidence.

In 2015, the Moscow City Court convicted Dionysiy Zolotov to 6 years in prison, using a special procedure.

Vladimir Rozhkov’s criminal case was referred to the Moscow City Court. Former policeman refuses to plead guilty, so the hearing will take place under the normal procedure.



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