Ex-bailiff convicted for bribery in St. Petersburg

Ex-bailiff convicted for bribery in St. Petersburg

Kirovsky Court of St. Petersburg convicted former bailiff Ghysmat Zeynalov for taking a bribe of 15 thousand rubles

Ghysmat Zeynalov, who is accused under art. 290 para. 3 of the Russian Criminal Code (taking a bribe in person as an official, in the form of cash, for illegal actions in favor of the person, represented by the briber), was sentenced to 2 years in a standard regime penal colony and a fine of 600 thousand rubles. Moreover, he will not be able to hold certain positions for three years.

At the time when the crime was committed, Zeynalov served as a bailiff and executor of justice in the Krasnoselsky regional department of the Federal Bailiff Service for St. Petersburg. On January 2016, in the Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza shopping mall, Zeynalov tried to extort 15 thousand rubles from a resident of St. Petersburg, whose wife was a debtor under enforcement proceeding. In return, the defendant promised to order the termination of the enforcement proceeding.

In the end, Zeynalov gave his credit card details to the victim, so that the latter could transfer the promised money. Upon receipt on account, the bailiff was arrested.



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