Entrepreneurial spirit. Colonel Zakharchenko leases real estate he got as bribe

Entrepreneurial spirit. Colonel Zakharchenko leases real estate he got as bribe
Dmitry Zakharchenko

For his patronage of 1520 Group, he was given five non-residential spaces he leased subsequently.

According to Rosbalt news network, the Investigative Committee and Federal Security Service have revealed new instances of bribery taking in the total amount of $30 million by former deputy head of Department T of MIA’s Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko. The investigation theory is that the Russian Railways’ largest contractor’s owners - 1520 Group - have passed Zakharchenko 5 non-residential spaces he leased subsequently.

It was reported earlier than the Investigative Committee put a co-owner of 1520 Group Boris Usherovich, his assistant Dmitry Motorin, bankers Ivan Stankevich and Yury Obodovsky on the wanted list. In the near future, they are to be charged in absentia and then the investigation is going to seek their arrest in absentia. The day before, the co-owner of 1520 Group Valery Markelov was detained and arrested. All defendants are suspected of giving bribe to Dmitry Zakharchenko for his patronage of their companies.

The investigation theory is that for more than 10 years, Zakharchenko has been as good as the head of the security team of the business built on contracts from the Russian Railways. He received his monthly share worth of about $150 thousand. The total of bribes he received for 10 years amounted to about 2 billion rubles ($30.2 million). It was also found out that - aside from these funds - the owners of 1520 Group passed Zakharchenko 5 non-residential spaces in the total amount of $30 million. These non-residential spaces were registered in the names of his acquaintances, relatives, and lovers.

The facilities were leased and generated extra revenue. At the present time, evidence on these instances is being gathered. After that, the Colonel and the bribe-givers are going to be additionally charged.

According to Rosbalt sources, Zakhar (what Zakharchenko was called by acquaintances) carried out his task at 1520 bindingly. As soon as there were received requests from tax police, Police for Combating Economic Crimes and other units, the Colonel wrote the replies and passed them to the ‘clients’. There was a special computer that was not connected to the network. He used it for composing this type of documents (in his acquaintances’ words, he was really good at it). When it did not work, Zakharchenko personally visited the units that carried out inspections of companies associated with 1520 Group.

As a ‘heavy artillery’, Zakharchenko got his relative - the Federal Security Service officer Dmitry Senin (who is on the wanted list now) - involved in the matter. Thus, the Colonel managed to solve multiple issues related to the companies of Usherovich, Markelov, and others.

If nothing of the aforementioned worked out, Zakharchenko gave bribes to those carrying out the inspections in order for them stop being interested in his clients’ companies. As noted by the Rosbalt source, in such a case, the bribes were paid separately - not from the Colonel’s share.

The Rosbalt source added that shortly before his arrest, Zakharchenko started adjusting his savings. In particular, the Colonel changed all his funds for new banknotes in the U.S. Federal Reserve System’s wrapping. He was afraid of the possibility that the cash might have got noticed somewhere. The source notes that Zakharchenko kept more than $120 million, however he managed to send a part of the money overseas.

The Rosbalt sources within secret services passed an opinion that 1520 Group and the associated companies are not the only Zakharchenko’s ‘clients’. Money was also given to him by contractors of other large state corporations. At the present time, this information is being checked.



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