Entity of Sobyanin’s friend receives $ 11,1 million for transportation of Moscow officials

Entity of Sobyanin’s friend receives $ 11,1 million for transportation of Moscow officials
Sergey Sobyanin

Moscow Municipality is ready to pay more than $30k per hour for VIP-class flights.

The Jet Air Group that the media associates with Yevgeny Yevtushenkov, a longtime friend of Sergey Sobyanin, in the last seven years received tenders from the Moscow Mayor's Office in the amount of about 700 million rubles ($ 11,1 million) without a tender. Moscow Mayor and his subordinates prefer to fly VIP-class and are ready to spend more than two million ($ 30,000) per hour on this, the publication Baza writes.

On January 27-29, 2017, the Mayor's Office paid almost 5.4 million rubles ($ 86,000) for a Moscow-Saratov-Moscow flight. In 2015, Sobyanin flew to Tokyo for 7.6 million rubles ($ 120,000). In the contract of 2019, concluded between the manager of the Mayor's Office and the Jet Air Group the rate is 2.1 million rubles ($ 30,000) per hour.

From 2011 to 2018, the Jet Air Group received tenders as the only service provider, the total cost of which, according to estimates of the Baza, was about 700 million rubles. The next contract was signed on June 28, 2019.

The Jet Air Group was founded by Sistema-Inventure which was part of Yevtushenkov’s AFK Sistema, the media found out. In 2016, Sistema-Inventure merged with MTS. The company is a member of the Premier group of companies. All group organizations are affiliated with AFK Sistema

Previously, the media repeatedly wrote about the friendship between Sobyanin and Yevtushenkov, who go on holidays and hunt together. And in 2012, the state unitary enterprise Mayor Medical Center transferred the group of companies MEDSI, owned by AFK, three hospitals, four clinics, and three sanatoriums in exchange for 25% of the combined company, the publication writes.



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