Engels: head of investigative department suspected of forgery

Engels: head of investigative department suspected of forgery

The police officer allegedly unreasonably suspended an investigation of a criminal case.

The investigative bodies of Engels initiated a criminal case against the head of a department the MIA’s Investigative Directorate for Engels, the Saratov Region, who was suspected of forgery (part 1 of Article 292 CCRF) and abuse of official powers (part 1 of Article 285 CCRF) the press service of the regional ICR reports. The police officer allegedly helped a defendant to avoid criminal punishment.

On September 22, 2016, the investigative department of the Engels police initiated a criminal case under article 322.3 CCRF (fictitious registration of a foreign citizen or stateless person), and on May 4, 2017, the head of the investigative department suspended the preliminary investigation of the case. From May to November 2018, investigative activities were not carried out, and in December the investigation was terminated upon the expiry of the statutes of limitation.

The officers of the regional FSB Directorate and the prosecutor's office considered the decision of the head of the investigative unit unjustified and illegal and forwarded the materials to the ICR Directorate.



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